Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Tragic Loss

Good god, it is every parents worst nightmare.

One of my doula sisters, partner, friend has had an unimaginable loss. Her beautiful son, Bryant, died Monday after a rapidly deteriorating lung infection. He was 6.

This is a total shock for this family- Bryant was a normal, healthy happy boy just days ago.
This is a total shock for our birth community, who thrives on life, not death.
This is a total shock for all mothers and fathers everywhere, who could just never imagine.

There is a memorial fund at Key Bank sent up for this wonderful family in the name of their son, Bryant Tennant. If you can, please do.

There is nothing to say, only thoughts of love and the hope of peace.


Carrie Potter said...

My son Dillon is a good friend of Bryant and Cooper. He is very sadden from this loss and is worried about Cooper. Dillon was wondering if there was going to be a memorial service or funeral that he could attend. Could you please pass this message on to the Tennant family. Thank you for your time. Loving thoughts and prayers, Carrie Potter

randiedoula said...

Carrie, I am sorry your child has to learn such a hard lesson at such a young age. I will happily pass on whatever info I have. I should find out more today.


Carrie Potter said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Erica said...

Carrie, are you on the Tennant's online community? If not email me and I'll send you the link.

randiedoula said...

Carrie. if you shoot me an email at I will forward along the memorial info.

honeykbee said...

So, so sorry