Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birth, Life, Love, Breastmilk...

I know, I know, that title does not have a ring to it. Cut me some slack, I am recovering from pneumonia.

I had to come up with something to say as I find myself in a new profession. It's hard to admit to hanging up the doula hat. Even if I never take another client or go to another birth (which is unlikely) being a doula is not just what I did. It's who I am. Which is so strange to say, really, as I always considered myself someone who would float from thing to thing forever. But after five years of tending to moms and babies, I can honestly say that the profession has intermingled with the personal. I mean really, no one does doula work for the money or the glory. It's just not that kind of job.
All the months of ignoring this blog were because I was uber focused on finding a new job, and I had no idea what it was to be. I leave my old life not for lack of love for it, but for money, honestly, and professional advancement. If I want to take over the world I have to get going! I am almost 34! In any case, I accepted a great position at a local hospital doing lactation support on the mother-baby unit. I will have the opportunity to help lots and lots of families and hopefully, after a year, will have enough hours to sit for the IBCLC exam. Pretty exciting stuff.