Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are you hip with HIPPA?

Ok, seriously, that title is the absolute most ridiculous thing I have ever written. If my husband ever read my blog (which I assure you, he does not) he would laugh at my cliche-ness. Anyway.

It's kind of a strange thing to blog about being a doula and yet keep all the intimate details of my clients private. I can never say: "So I was at this birth last week and all these lame things happened" because what if my client read it? Do I really want her to know that working with her was excruciating? That it made me consider never attending a birth again? (Ok, part of me does. But don't tell her.) No really, all of my clients sign a confidentiality form letting them know how seriously I take their trust in me. So I am left to talk about how I see doula-ing and birth in general, but not in reference to this or that.

My oldest and dearest friend was here in Portland visiting this weekend. She is a blogger that has some serious readership. Like thousands. Many thousands. She said I should have 2 blogs; this one and a private one. One where my identity is hidden so I can rant about whatever I want without having to worry. Great idea, but seriously, there are already too many things to do in an already way too short day.

She did teach me how to add pictures and all that stuff that my left-brainedness can't come up with on it's own. So lookie here:
I have recently gotten involved with this fabulous organization. More details to follow. I promise.


honeykbee said...

rawk =)

randiedoula said...

AS usual I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about:) rawk? raining apples with kerosene?

Did you see Larry posted on your blog under my name. We all loved it soooo much and sent it to all of our friends. Now you will finally be popular:)