Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The brain giveth, the body taketh

I have no idea what that title means. What i do know is this: I am leaving for the DONA conference in 15 days and I completely forgot to submit my passport application. Thank you, US government, by the way, for requiring a damn passport to go to Canada. What happened to NAFTA? Are we really scared of Canadians? Have you met any of our northern neighbors? They are more likely to buy you a beer than attack you I am sure.

In any case, I probably would have remembered to take care of this were it not for the ligaments in my ankle that are, to use a scientific term, extremely messed up. I have been hobbling around on crutches for 6 days. Probably 3-4 more before I get to be really hot in a walking cast. At least the surgeon gave me "loose ligaments" to blame for my constant state of "falling down-ness" rather than what my husband thinks of as general spazzy-ness with complete disregard for the physical world.

This trip to BC is supposed to tell me if I want to continue to be a doula or not. I sure hope I get the passport:)


honeykbee said...

Loose ligaments AND loose lips, that explains so much!

honeykbee said...

Boy are your girls gorgeous by the way. Just gorgeous.

honeykbee said...

How was DONA?


Erica said...

So, did you come to a conclusion about being a doula or not??