Thursday, August 28, 2008

Study Links Pitocin to Negative Birth Memories, Reduced breastfeeding rates and more

A while back I participated in a research study about 3 year olds. I was unaware of what she was researching at the time, but I found the results to be fascinating. The author, Claire Winstone, allowed me to publish it as long as I attached her email if anyone had any further questions. Feel free to pass it on.

The study found that women who had pitocin in their births had more negative recollections of their births, spent less time with their babies in the immediate postpartum period, were less likely to exclusively breastfeed. There were also ramifications for baby; babies born in pitocin births were more likely as three year olds to have trouble communicating their needs effectively and had more experiences of discomfort and insecurity. It's a fascinating read. Click here to read the findings in their entirety.


DoulaMomma said...

It's a fascinating that you participated. I'd love to see a bigger, controlled study of this issue.
Thanks for visiting my blog as well...I do hope to see the NJ show of BOLD - saw the amazing production in NYC last year. I think you are involved (if I'm remembering correctly from a comment on the BOLD blog) - if yes, have a great time - break a leg!

randiedoula said...

I completely agree. Sadly, these types of research studies don't get the financial backing they need very often.
I am the Performance and Talkback coordinator for BOLD, but not in any of the performances. I am sitting on the panel in Bend, Oregon, though, and I am really looking forward to that.