Friday, September 5, 2008

Note to self: do not trust "feelings"

I though it was going to be good. I really did. When I got in the car Bob Dylan and Coldplay came on the radio back to back, and I thought, gee, this is a good sign. I was feeling happy.

When we got to the hospital, mom, a young primip was already at 8! We were all elated, and I was thinking how great this was for her, that that was what the universe had in mind for her.

2 hours later she had an anterior lip. 6 hours after that she had an anterior lip. A little pit, an awesome midwife (or 2) and 4 more hours of pushing later, she had a baby girl. No epidural, lots of joy. A happy family.

Then the doc, as he was stitching up her tears, says, what's that going on with your uterus? She ended up having a uterine inversion, which for those of you that are lucky enough not to know, is a rare emergency where after delivery your uterus ends up inside out trying to come out of your vagina. It is very serious. I would love feedback from any of my midwife and doula readers who have any experience with this. So mom is rushed to the or, lost lots of blood, will be in the ICU for three days unable to see baby, nurse, bond. It's all just very maddening and sad.

This is exactly why I went to work for BOLD. The little picture of birth is just too emotionally draining.

Off to Bend to see the BOLD performance. Let me know if you'll be there too.


Susan said...

Oh, how scary. I am sorry your client had this happen to her and for you having to deal with your own emotions that come along with this.

Sheridan said...

This happened to one of my students, she used my doula partner as her doula. So I got the story from the doula. She had a GREAT unmedicated VBAC birth. Then 20 minutes after the birth her uterus inverted.

The Dr. shoved her hand up to hold it in and called for help, this huge guy shows up and switches places and basically holds her uterus in until the cervix closes enough. She didn't need surgery, but needed some powerful drugs to knock her out as that happened. Though she had about 10 min before the drugs took effect.

No fun at all. Hugs to you and the mom. I know this is very rare, my other doula partner who has attended over 450 births has never seen it.

randiedoula said...

Thanks for the kindness.

Update: Client is at home, with a happily nursing baby:)

Becca said...

I'm so glad she was able to nurse after all!

I had only heard of uterine inversion with an overly managed third stage of labor... i.e. the OB tugging on the cord before the placenta had detached. I didn't realize it could happen spontaneously! That would be horrible.

How was your BOLD event?